To act on behalf of the principal as his agent and always under due authority, so that the principal’s interests may be best served and protected in compliance with shipping practices, tariffs and local legislation.


1. To liaise closely with ship’s personnel to ensure that cargo operation work proceeds smoothly and that cargo handling is carried out safely with all due attention to avoid damage & demurrage.
2. To ensure that bills of lading of delivery orders are not released without proper authority and due production of relevant documents.
3. To ensure that cargo documentation is produced and distributed as required so as to avoid any delay to the vessel.
4. To draw up, as required, Statement of Fact, Time Sheets, etc.
5. To submit Notice of Readiness


1. To prepare as required container documentation for use by principals, Customs and other authorities berth operations and vessels operators.
2. To pre-plan stowage and stacking and advise the berth and vessel operator the loading and discharging sequences.
3. To maintain accurate and up-to-date equipment inventories.


1- To arrange for and attend to principal’s requirement such as the provision of bunker, lubricants, stores, water, crew service including signing on and off, recruitment, repatriation, medical and hospitalization, crew launches, and such other assistance as the principals may require from time to time.
2- To arrange and / or attend to customs clearance and other vessel,s movement entering port, during the ship stay and when leaving port.
3- To arrange and attend any request to repair work whether afloat or in dry-dock
4- To render assistance to principals own or designated supervisors.
5- To attend to additional services in connection with consulate authorities, embassies, high commissions or such authorities if foreign states.
6- To render assistance to the master and crew
7- To advise on the selection of contractor for goods and service provided to principals including the submission of competitive bids or quotations whenever required.
8- To liaise closely with principals, not only in compliance with the instructions laid down, but to ensure that proper advise is given to any development that might affect the principals activities or interest.
9- To submit as required pro forma or estimated disbursement account. To ensure that bills are properly checked and authorized before payment is made.
10- To pay contractor’s bills promptly, once funds have received and to render without delay a properly supported disbursement account in the format requested by the principal.
11- To respond promptly to principals requested for additional information or requests for adjustment to charge.
12- At all times to act in the principals best interests.